Biowaste contains plant nutrients and organic substances that can be stabilized and favorably returned to the natural cycle. The technology being used is currently one of the best available and environmentally neutral.

Biometan / bioCNG

Biomethane is produced in the facility by processing biodegradable waste. The produced biomethane is treated biogas and has the same properties as natural gas.

With today’s trend we place emphasis on the production of CNG bioenergy fuel by conversion from biowaste. Production will take place in a biotechnologically advanced plant with a powerful bioreactor.

The produced biomethane can be distributed through natural gas networks or pumped into CNG cars as bioCNG.

In addition, biomethane from waste is a second generation biofuel in accordance the EU RED II directive (Renewable Energy Directive from the period after 2020).

Certified organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer produced in the Energetické centrum Horní Suchá facility consists exclusively of natural, fermented raw materials and microorganisms, which are very vital for the soil and at the same time provide it with important nutrients.

The organic fertiliser we offer restores to the soil what plants and mineral fertilisers have taken out of it. The micro-organisms contained in organic fertiliser promote soil regeneration through a natural process.