In December 2022 has started plant test operation’s for producing biometan and concetrate organic fertilizer by processing biowaste.

The plant will process by anaerobic digestion any waste that is capable of decomposition without access to air, such as residues after cooking in households, biodegradable waste from garden and parks, used and defective food, waste fats, waste from canteens, gastronomy, waste from food industry, including those packaging. The technology is capable to separate the packaging. The processing capacity of the plant is 20,000 tonnes of biowaste per year, from which 3,200,000 m3 of green natural gas and 1,200 tonnes of concentrated organic fertiliser are produced.

This project ensures the region’s long-term development and fulfillment of legal obligations in the field of municipal waste management.

Construction progess

Company Organic technology s.r.o. implements the project „Energetické centrum Horní Suchá“ with registration number CZ.05.3.29/0.0/0.0/17_069/0007883.

The subject of the submitted project is a construction of fermentation station, a centre for the processing of biodegradable waste, which will be used to produce biomethane and concentrated fertiliser. The implementation of the project will increase material and energy production of biodegradable waste by 19 600 t/year.

This project is co-financed by the European Union – Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Environment.