Each citizen of the Czech Republic every year throws away tens of kilograms of food that end up on a landfill site and is not use in any way. By using the most modern technology we are capable to process these materials and put it back into circular economy. We believe that this type of waste, which is not currently being processed in any efficient way, can be used enviromentally friendly.

Energetic center Horní Suchá is a modern facility using biowaste in material and energetic ways to produce second generation fuel and concentrate organic fertilizer.

We produce second generation fuel

By using the most modern technology we are capable of producing the second-generation fuel from biowaste. We are proud to be reducing the carbon footprint in this specific way, as the shift from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly options is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And we want to be a part and engine of the secondary ecological use of untreated waste.

We return important minerals to the soil

We are aware that soil fertility is extremely important not only for our survival, but also for future generations. Therefore, we are going to produce a certified 100 % concetrated organic fetilizer, which will return the soil  its quality. Stronger soil produces healthier foods and is much better protected against erosion. Find more

We are cleaning the planet of waste

Our technology is waste-free and we are able to recycle even used food in packaging or canned food. We make sure that we use each waste with the greatest possible efficiency and precision.

We believe every waste can be processed and we will continue to do so and look for the best suitable technologies. Our ethos is to turn waste into clean energy for nature and society and thus create and energy-independent place.

We believe our work and efforts make sense, because we improve the enviroment for our children.